Andrea Serrano Villaverde

Art Director


New York / United States


2D Illustration 2D Video Adobe Creative Suite Art Direction Brand Design Design Keynote Logo Design Sketch Wordpress


Raised in the northwest of Spain, where life is constantly overshadowed by clouds, I learned to find the bright side of things quite early; flying back and forth between two continents, I became an expert in time management; and, with the influence of my French mother, who always said me “impossible n’est pas français”, I’ve come up with creative solutions since I was two, when I stacked up boxes so I could reach the candy’s shelf.
After spending months jumping from every table, I realized that maybe those blows caused by my failed “flying tests” were the reason I’m a little bit crazy. But, wouldn’t you agree that to create something new, conventional boundaries must be broken?


Create meaningful art that changes minds and stays with people as tattoos under skins

Industry Experience

Advertising Beauty Consumer Goods Cultural Institutions Fast Food Finance Food

Work Experience

Art Director


Nov 2020 - Present • 5 months

Art Director


Sep 2019 - Present • over 1 year

Clients: La Nacional Hispanic Parade (New York), Aerocamaras (Spain), Paradigm Trends (New York)... Description: Design of the NY parade, banners, roll-ups, corporate brochures, branding...

Art Director


Apr 2019 - Sep 2019 • 5 months

New York / United States

Clients: American Express, Coors Light, Ikea, Comcast, Nationwide...
Description: Concepting, pitches, banners, digital displays, GIFs, presentations, OOH, global campaign...

Art Director


Sep 2017 - Sep 2018 • about 1 year


Clients: 122 Hamburguesería Zaragoza, Asgard.decor, Consultoría y Gestión Integral Villaverde... Description: Concepting, brand identity, logo design, product design, UX design...

Art Director


Feb 2017 - Aug 2017 • 6 months

Madrid / Spain

Clients: Garnier
Description: Concepting, pitches, digital media post, banners, GIFs, UX design, landing pages, online retails, tv spot...

Art Director

Global Human Capital Group

Mar 2016 - Jun 2016 • 3 months

Madrid / Spain

Client: Global Human Capital Group
Description: Leading a team, digital media posts,hootsuite, banners, corporate brochures...


Art Direction Programm

Miami Ad School

Oct 2017 - Sep 2019 • almost 2 years

New York / United States

Double BA in Media Communications + Advertising and PR

Universidad San Pablo CEU

Sep 2011 - Feb 2018 • over 6 years

Madrid / Spain


Shortlisted at Creative Conscience Awards 2020: Raise Your Bud

Sep 2020

Kinky Bike

Jan 2020

Raise your Bud

Jan 2020

Jury at Bendita Carpeta AD Awards 2019

Oct 2019

Shortlisted at Creative Conscience Awards 2019: The Art We Waste

Jul 2019

Bronze at Summit International Awards 2019: Raise Your Bud

Jul 2019

We waste

Jan 2019

Shortlisted at Future Lions 2018: Blindless

Jun 2018


Feb 2018


English French Portuguese Spanish


Digital arts Graphic design Listening to music Painting Pets Photography Reading Sketching Social media


Remote working

Office working

Relocate for work

Travel for work


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