David Smail

Copywriter Creative Director


Boulder / United States


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Client Management Copywriting Creative Direction Creative Strategy Experiential Strategy


Ad nerd, nugget miner (when CDing), and copy chameleon.


I enjoy working with kind people who want to make something interesting, but also understand it’s not life or death. I usually like to start with a human thought, season it with a little empathy and humility, and then see what sort of small idea we might be able to tease out of it that can go on to resonate in a bigger way.

Industry Experience

Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Consumer Goods Higher Education Travel

Work Experience

Copywriter / Creative

The Art Of Good

Apr 2020 - Present • about 1 year

Remote / United States

Helping out by donating integrated ideas and words to mom and pop (sister, brother, aunt, uncle and quirky neighbor you'd do anything for) shops.


Bachelors of Science - Journalism/Advertising

University Of Colorado

Aug 1993 - May 1995 • over 1 year

Boulder / United States

Graduated with a degree in advertising through the School of Journalism


English Vietnamese


Movies Travel Wine


Remote working

Office working

Relocate for work

Travel for work



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David Smail

Copywriter Creative Director
The Art Of Good

Artist In Residence

Just did a project with some amazing folks at the The Art of Good, where we helped a family-run art studio in Fountain Hill, PA, that was being impacted by Covid. How great is it when the campaign objectives are to keep a business afloat by putting paint brushes in people’s hands at home, and pollinating positivity through what’s created.

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Industries: Education, Fine Art

Classification: Safe for Work

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