Kris Ruby

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White Plains / United States


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I am a publicist who believes the best way to build a brand is through a holistic approach to public relations that includes three pillars: content marketing, media relations and social media marketing.


My philosophy on brand building is that the person behind the brand is the best way to build a brand. Too often, marketers focus on the business: the new product launches or press releases. They forget that its the people behind the business that make the business, and that is who the public and the media is most interested in learning more about. Through thought leadership marketing, we focus on building the brand of the business owner to get more press for the business, not the other way around. I also take a reactive vs. proactive approach to PR which always yields a higher success rate because I give reporters sources for stories they are actually working on in real-time.

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Health Media News Professional Services Television Wellness



Boston University

Oct 2005 - Oct 2009 • about 4 years

Boston / United States


Oct 2020




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Kris Ruby

Media Strategist Publicist


I specialize in PR for doctors and medical PR. I am very proud of the COVID-19 PR work I have done with my Doctors to get the word out about the hospital conditions, PPE shortages and elderly patients are at greater risk. I am very proud of the media coverage I have secured for these doctors during the covid crisis because by helping them connect to the media, it gets the truth out about the conditions these doctors are facing and shares a behind the scenes look. It feels good to use PR for the greater good here- and PR can be used to tell powerful stories if you use it the right way. That work can be very rewarding, especially in healthcare and medical PR during a pandemic.

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