Nicholas Ross

Art Director


Austin / United States


Adobe Creative Suite Art Direction Brand Strategy Concept Creative Strategy Design Digital Graphic Design Social Media Strategy Story Telling


An Art Director, and a self-important designer, living in Austin, TX that likes to scam people into endorsing me for wearing black pants on LinkedIn.


I like to break things, I like to keep things simple, and I like to be proactive as much as possible. I love exploring ideas that live in and outside of advertising. There are ways to expand a brands business or presence outside of campaigns, and we should strive to supply those as creatives.

Industry Experience

Advertising Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Consumer Goods Entertainment Fast Food Non-Profit Pets Technology Telecommunications

Work Experience

Art Director


Aug 2019 - Apr 2020 • 8 months

Austin / United States

Created new brand guidelines for overall brand look and tone that screamed WELCOME TO MOE’s. Managed production of sweet and savory social
assets in the T3 Studio, while consulting our brand’s in-house creative partners on their productions of in store and social assets. Worked with various
creative teams and the T3 Labs team to explore pitch opportunities with new and existing clients - including using emerging tech to impress the hard to impress HBO thinkers. Helped facilitate an expansion of DrafT3 to include Texas State Advertising students so they could join their Comm Des counterparts.
Clients: Moe’s Southwestern Grill, Cinnabon, McAlister’s Deli, Jamba Juice, HBO

Art Director


Jun 2015 - Jul 2019 • about 4 years

Dallas / United States

Self motivated Art Director with dependable attention to detail that taught toddlers it was ok to throw their parents phone at the ground. Effective internal
and client presentation skills. Developed social visual guidelines, oversaw multiple productions, and continuously helped to develop award winning proactive ideas - all while adding skin to chicken. Incorporated into the go-to team for client test projects and helped win pitches of various scale, including projects that theorized Siri could tell if you were sick by just listening to you speak (which is totally not creepy).
Clients: AT&T, AT&T UVerse, DirecTV, HBO, Pollo Campero, PetSmart, OtterBox, Cricket Wireless, Boys Scouts of America, TX Whiskey

Junior Art Director


Jan 2015 - Jun 2015 • 5 months

San Antonio / United States

Was brought on board to help out a social team which curated content for Toaster Strudel. Made GIFs and memes for the ever-popular Toaster Strudel Tumblr. As time progressed, Toaster Strudel became more and more self-aware to the point of taking creative control. Developed into this role from an internship despite of Toaster Strudel gaining sentience, that’s just icing on top. Clients: Toaster Strudel, Western Union, Old El Paso


B.A. Communication Studies

Texas State University

Aug 2010 - Dec 2014 • over 4 years

San Marcos / United States

B.S. Advertising

Texas State University

Aug 2010 - Dec 2014 • over 4 years

San Marcos / United States





Digital arts Movies Music Musical Instruments Pets Soccer Technology Television Video editing Videography


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Nicholas Ross

Art Director

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