Suz Keen

Creative Director


New York / United States


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A Creative Director and empathetic leader made of equal parts heart, guts and cut-to-the-chase.
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My approach is all about listening, paying attention and asking questions. I'm all about setting the team up for success. I believe in really seeing people, playing to talented people's strengths, and getting any mess out of their way to shine. I believe in giving whatever or whoever is right in front of me my undivided attention. I believe multi-tasking is bullshit. I believe there is always learning to be done. I am a full-grown adult pro, albeit a mischievous one who believes if we don't have fun making something, people won't enjoy the ultimate output.

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Advertising Beauty Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Cannabis Fashion Health Music Technology Tourism




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Suz Keen

Creative Director

Our Carts Are Different

I love work that is able to put the brand and/or product at the center of the story. This demonstrative campaign for Jet showed off their point of difference with striking and playful juxtapositions featuring items you wouldn't normally purchase from the same shop. The work celebrated our city target and the way they shop: High fashion, basics, local goods, and fresh foods. All in one place.

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