Nina Mourin

Creative Director


New York / United States


I’m a creative director, word nerd, hip-hop worshipper, reluctant fashion-girl, and hard-core moon child.


Putting myself in other people’s shoes is at the core of everything I do, whether it’s building a campaign or brainstorming with a team. People just want to be heard and understood, and the more we prize that in the boardroom and in our stories, the more people will want to engage with us as humans and as brand. Paying close attention to what people want and mirroring that empathetically is the secret sauce to successful campaigns — and being a good human.


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Nina Mourin

Creative Director

Outerwear for All Who Care

My partner and I were rebranding on a up-and-coming cruelty-free start-up outerwear brand. Outside of creating everything from scratch, from the brand voice and identity to full website redesign (art direction, UX and merchandising), we launched the brand’s very first brand campaign to articulate its USP: Outerwear For All Who Care. We highlighted women who spearheaded collectives as a result to not seeing themselves in the cultural landscape. We proved that intolerance to cruelty didn’t singularly apply to animal justice, but to all humanitarian causes. AdWeek did a feature story on us, further solidifying the brand’s stake in culture.

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