Paola Delgado Cornejo

Art Director


New York / United States


I believe everything is about perspective, I suffer from constant shower thoughts anywhere but in the shower and my most irrational dream is to experience the event horizon.


I believe the best ideas are the ones that change the version of the world you used to know. Creativity has a big responsability on keep opening mental doors so people can make new connections, feel different, think greater and be much more in tune with their truth. I try to feed that philosophy by creating ideas that at the end make us closer to our humanity.


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Paola Delgado Cornejo

Art Director

Skin City

Skin City is a campaign that tries to raise awareness around the importance of skincare with a simple observation, the damaging effects of pollution in metropolitan areas (cracked sidewalks, gum littler, smoke spots, peeling paint) is a reflection of what could be happening in our skin.

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