Hatem El Akad

Copywriter Creative


Miami / United States


Portfolio: https://hatemelakad.com

One time I was about to perform with my band in front of 5,000 people and I was so nervous I peed my pants. I started the first song seconds later and no one noticed so we Gucci. 

Oh, and “Believe In Your Fuckin’ Self” is tattooed on my back.

I also left my band, family and friends in Egypt, and sold my apartment and car to satisfy the passionate advertising nerd who wants to start a career in the United States.

Now that we got that out of the way:

Hi! Or as we would say باشا (which means like top-notch person in Arabic, it's how we do)

I am Hatem, a copywriter, voice-over talent, drummer, advertising nerd, motivational writer, pep talker and empathetic human.

First Things First:

It's pronounced Ha-tem; not Hatiiim, Hateeem, or Hate-Em.

I don’t hate nobody or anything, really.

Drumming Created The Advertising Nerd:

Most metal drummers focused on speed; I chose to focus on being creative first and making the best use of my entire drum kit; then speed.

That gave birth to the advertising/creative nerd within and pushed me to think differently (Oh Hi Lee Clow); working harder to offer a distinctive experience to who I am talking to with my work.

Random Things About Me And For No Reason:

I performed all over the world with my ex-band, Scarab.

I am not a fan of smiling in pictures, so I make silly faces instead and turned that into a tradition.

I mentioned that I don’t hate anything, I lied.

Crocs: I fuckin’ loathe that shit (THIS is how much),

We’ll stay friends if you own a pair, though.

I am renowned for being a consultant for Miami Ad School's international students and helping them get work visas in the United States.

I am the only Miami Ad School Creative in the world and in history to pursue a double major in copywriting and art direction.

Also, I created a guidebook for awards that is now widespread across the 15 Miami Ad School locations all over the world.

I fuck with Spotify’s algorithm. My music choices jump from death metal to N’Sync in a second.

On the musical note - pun intended - I am honored, humbled and proud to be crowned - by fans, drummers and other musicians - as the best and most creative metal drummer in Egypt.

I show appreciation and love by buying coffee and drinks for the ones I love - even at the expense of breaking the bank.

I promise it's pronounced Espresso, not Expresso.

Oh and I am Egyptian, so I can’t promise not showing up to work on a camel.


Never settle, never stop dreaming, have fun, believe in your self and trust your gut. Then get back to the brief, and have more fun with it. That's my creative approach. To life, to briefs, and to work.


Arabic (Egyptian) Arabic (Standard) English


Motivational Speaking Motivational Writing Music Musical Instruments


Remote working

Office working

Relocate for work

Travel for work


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Hatem El Akad

Copywriter Creative
The Times Of London

Time to Act

6 months of crafting and researching later, my team and I created Time To Act. The one piece that we would want to happen in real life.

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